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Speakers will address key topics of interest to broadcasters.


A showcase for companies to highlight their latest products and services.


Opportunity for sponsors to hold workshops and masterclasses on important industry issues of their choice.


11:10-12:00  Session 1: Advanced Technologies for the New Era

12:10-13:10  Session 2: Business Strategies and Approaches for Broadcast and Media  

15:00-16:00  Workshop 1: (TBA)

16:10-17:10  Session 3: Cloud Revolution in the media industry

11:00-12:00  Session 4: Content and Media security

12:10-13:10  Session 5: AI and Big Data Applications in Media

15:00-16:00  Workshop 2: (TBA)

16:10-17:10  Session 6: Technologies and Strategies for Successful Digital Radio Rollout

11:00-12:00  Session 7: Moving towards all IP Infrastructure

12:10-13:10  Session 8: Live and Remote Production Technologies for Broadcasters

15:00-16:00  Workshop 3: (TBA)

16:10-17:10  Session 9: 5G Developments and Applications in Media

11:00-12:00  Session 10: Immersive Technologies – UHD, HDR & NGA

12:10-13:10  Session 11: Industry Debate – Panel Session

15:00-16:00  Workshop 4: (TBA)

16:10-17:10  Session 12: Advances in Media Delivery – Platforms and Strategies

All session timing follows Malaysian times (GMT +8)