Caroline caruelle

Founding partner, Cite de memoire & Archive tv, France

Associate founder of Archive TV and its affiliates Cité de Mémoire, LTC Patrimoine, The Picture Factory, Caroline is based in Paris, France. Caroline has a master’s degree in business, and 25+ years of experience in audio‐visual, cinema, and media entertainment business. Long responsible of the digital transition of Bonded Services and Iron Mountain activities in France and in Europe, of Media Asset Management projects. Caroline oversaw many projects, such as Canal+ Vivendi, M6 RTL, Lagardère Active broadcast video libraries, BMG or Naxos music libraries, INA projects, as well as production companies (Tony Comiti Media, Air Production, Bel Air Media…) and private corporations’ audio‐visual legacy (Dior Parfums, Michelin, Peugeot, SNCF, Essilor…)

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