Eduard Chizhikov

Head of Viory Asia, Viory, United Arab Emirates

Eduard Chizhikov excels as the Asia Desk Head at Viory, where his expertise in global news production has been evident since 2008. Eduard has significantly contributed to shaping compelling narratives across a broad spectrum of news production stages, from conceptualization to the technical delivery of stories. His career highlights include leading award-winning coverage and pioneering the adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, which have achieved international recognition. Notably, his innovative endeavors, such as the groundbreaking Space360 project and the immersive 360-degree coverage of significant events, have attracted over 100 million views, offering viewers a unique, immersive experience. Eduard is also well-versed in engaging with the media and technology community, having shared his insights at various prestigious platforms, including discussions at the UN and interactions with notable personalities like Larry King, Oliver Stone and etc. In collaboration with Viory, he plays an instrumental role in coordinating with multiple Asian television networks, assisting them with video feeds and live transmissions for a variety of broadcasting projects, ranging from straightforward video live feeds to complex collaborative ventures.

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