Amirah Jaafar Mad Ariff

Head of Support & System Solution, RTM, Malaysia

Ts. Amirah Binti Jaafar Md Ariff, Head of Support & System Solution section of RTM’s Production Operations Center. A recognized Technologist of Malaysia Board of Technologist Malaysia (MBOT) with 10+ years of experience, she excels in critical content delivery domains: Traffic and Scheduling, Media Asset Management, Ingest, Quality Control, Production Storage and Deep Archive Systems. Her academic foundation includes an M.Sc. in Telecommunication & Information Engineering (UiTM) and a B.Eng. in Electronic Telecommunication Engineering (UTeM). Notably, she had extensive experience in the development and implementation of RTM KL Media City’s modern transmission & production operation centers, showcasing expertise in playout automation, subtitling and encoder/multiplexer systems.

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